East Belfast Letting Agents

By | January 6, 2020

5 Tips for Finding the Best Letting Agents in Belfast

Letting agents give peace of mind because they prepare the property for rent. They market and advertise the property. They vet tenants. They carry out safety and other property inspections. They draw up the lease and inventory. They collect rent and chase rental arrears. They manage the deposit. And they organize maintenance.

Why use letting agents like Rodgers & Finney? They handle all of the paperwork in relation to your property. They collect and chase up the rent on your behalf. They have a good knowledge of market demand and conditions, so they can fill your rental property quickly. And they know and understand the current legislation affecting landlords.

However, finding the best agents can be a daunting task. Therefore, you need to do proper research if you want to choose a letting agent. In this article, you will learn how to find letting agents. You will avoid making mistakes that most new landlords make when choosing a letting agent.

1. Ask Around

Want to save money and time? Talk to your close real estate investors. Most of them have used letting agents. So, they know the best agents near you. Ask them about their experience with these agents.

Most people recommend letting agents they know and trust. If they have had a bad experience with certain agents, they will tell you the names of these agents. Therefore, they will save you time because they only recommend the best agents they know.

2. The Internet

Love doing research online? Use the internet. Most agents promote their services on the internet. Therefore, they have websites, which you can find by doing a simple search on your favourite search engine. To learn more about these letting agents, visit their websites.

By the way, almost all letting agents have websites. You will read their customer testimonials on their websites. However, some agents have a lot of negative reviews. Do not choose these agents because most people do not like them. You may lose more of your tenants if you let them manage your property.

3. Tour their Properties

Letting agents manage several rental properties. If you want to know the condition of their properties, visit them. The best agents make sure their properties are always clean. And they do all the repairs on time. Also, they have a lot of happy tenants.

However, some agents do not manage their properties properly. You will find most of their properties are in bad condition and they are vacant. Most tenants do not stay in their apartments if they hate their agents. Do not choose these agents. Choose an agent that takes care of their tenants and rental properties.

4. Fees

How much does the letting agent charge? You must know the exact amount they charge on the rental income and their set up fee. To avoid choosing an expensive letting agent, compare the fees of different agents. You will not only choose an affordable agent. You will also save a lot of money in the long run.

How do you know the fees of these agents? Contact several agents. And ask them about their fees. Once you know their fees, choose the one that is cheaper in the long run. Make sure the agent does not have hidden fees. If the agent has hidden fees, you might end up spending a lot of money on the agent.

5. Visit Local Agents

If there are local letting agents, give them a visit. You can talk to several agents if you want to find the best ones. If you are comfortable talking to certain agents, pick one of these agents. Also, make sure the agent knows how to market vacant rental properties.